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The Union of Banks and Insurance Companies (hereinafter referred to as “SBP”) was founded on 2nd April 1992 pursuant to Section 9a of Act No.83/1990 Coll., as an association of employers in the area of the financial and insurance sectors with the basic objective to protect the common interests of the members of the Union, in particular in the social area and in this sense, to agree with the trade union for employees in the banking and insurance sectors a collective agreement at a higher level. This agreement defining the basic terms of social peace is binding for all member organisations operating in the banking and insurance segment.

The importance of SBP, as well as other employer unions in the future will increase because the area of social peace plays a key role for the function of economic organisations within the European unit. In this relation, SBP has established close cooperation with similar unions within the European Union and the legislative amendments to the Labour Code reflect the entry of the Czech Republic to the EU. At present SBP is incorporated as a full-value member of the Committee for Social Dialogue at the level of the European Bank Federation and regularly participates in meetings of this committee.

Plan of activities

Plan  of activities of executive board for period 2019 - 2020 you can find here.


Union of Banks and Insurance Companies will participate in social dialogue on the European level



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